Replacing the courseware_studentmodulehistory Table#

This section describes a change to the courseware_studentmodulehistory database table.


The changes described in this section are a part of the upgrade to the Open edX Eucalyptus release.

The change to the courseware_studentmodulehistory database table requires a new database configuration, and offers an optional data migration. This change will be released to the edx-platform repository on 5 May 2016, and will affect all Open edX installations that follow master on that date.


If you are responsible for maintaining an Open edX instance, including a devstack, fullstack, or production installation, you must prepare for this change before you upgrade to the 5 May 2016 version of master.

This section presents an overview of the change followed by options for completing the required and optional procedures. EdX recommends that you review all of the topics in this section before you choose an option for your Open edX installation.