2.6. Pull Request Status Guide#

2.6.1. Contribution Board Statuses#




Needs Triage

A bot automatically places open-source contributions in this status and labels them as such. The Community Project Managers triage PRs from here

Needs Tests Run, or CLA Signed

  • If the author has never contributed to a particular repo, they need authorization to run tests on the pull request [enabling tests is currently handled by Axim].

  • If the author has never contributed to the Open edX project before, they need to fill out a CLA form.

Product Review

Actively being reviewed by Product (only applies to PRs labeled as needing product review) - pull requests needing product review must have product approval before continuing through the process

Waiting for Author

  • The PR is actively in progress

  • The author needs to address questions, feedback, rebase, etc.

  • The PR is still in a draft state


Blocked by other pull requests / work. There should be context within the PR for why it’s blocked

Ready for Review

  • Ready for review by maintainer or repo owner

  • All checks have passed and are green (including CLA)

  • The owning / maintaining team has been asked to review

Scheduled for Eng Review

The reviewing team has scheduled to review this in an upcoming sprint, has assigned themselves to review

In Eng Review

Actively being reviewed by Engineering.

Ready to Merge

  • Reviews are complete

  • Tests are green

  • No conflicts, and branch is not out-of-date

  • Changes and feedback have been addressed

  • Reviewer has approved



2.6.2. Contribution Board Labels#

Note: Depending on the situation, more than one of these labels may be on a pull request at the same time. Though some may seem repetitive of the status columns, the PRs might have several things going on simultaneously, so these labels compliment the above board statuses.

For example, a pull request could be “In Eng Review” on the Contributions board, but be tagged with the “Waiting for Author” and/or “Changes Requested” label if the author needs to take actions related to feedback.





Automatically added by a bot to PRs coming from the community (not from Axim or 2U).


Denotes that the PR backports a change from main to a named release.


Another way to notate that the PR is blocked. It should say in the PR why the work is blocked.


The reviewer(s) have taken a look at the PR and requested the author make changes.


Closed due to PR being abandoned.


Denotes that a Core Contributor is the author of the pull request.


Used when the author has been unresponsive for an extended period of time. The Community Project Managers will typically give a final comment to the author alerting them the pull request may need to be closed due to inactivity. If there is still no response from the author, the PR will be closed shortly after.


This means an author has not contributed to a particular repo before and needs authorization to be able to run tests on the PR. Currently, test authorization is handled by Axim.


Indicates that a PR requires Product Review. Product review is done either before code is written, or before Engineering review if the PR is already in-progress.

../../../../_images/pr_label_waiting_for_eng_review.png ../../../../_images/pr_label_needs_maintainer_attention.png

Used to alert reviewers / maintainers that a PR is waiting for their review.


Waiting for the author to respond to change requests, feedback, failing tests, etc. Usually this label is used for PRs in board statuses other than “Waiting for Author”.


This issue or pull request already exists elsewhere.