Tools for Maintainers#


What to Use it For

Maintainers Slack Channel

  • Coordinating with other maintainers.

  • Sharing experiences as a maintainer.


  • Seeing what you own.

  • Seeing what other people own.

  • Seeing how repos relate to each other.


  • Monitor your personal PR Backlog.

  • Monitor the PR backlog in repos you own.

  • Make graphs of various GitHub activity.


  • Discussing complex issues with the community.

  • Communicating with the whole Open edX community.

GitHub Issues (Specific to your projects)

  • Monitor for bug reports to your project.

  • Monitor for project specific ideation and discussions.

Other Slack Channels in Open edX Slack

  • Coordinating with others who are helping you do maintainer work.

  • Working together to solve specific problems.