How To Enable Javascript Upgrade Automation#

This How-to will walk you through the process of getting Renovate enabled for a repository.


  • You know how to use Git.

  • You know your way around GitHub issues and pull requests.

  • You are familiar with the JSON format.


  1. Commit a renovate.json file to the root of your repository as a copy of the one in frontend-template-application.

  2. File a new [GH Request] issue in the Open edX GitHub organization asking for Renovate and Renovate Approve to be enabled for your repository. Fill out the relevant information, making sure to include your repository name in the “Problem/Request” section.

  3. Once Renovate is enabled, you should notice auto-generated PRs getting issued to your repository.


    The PRs that pass tests will be auto-merged by default even if the repository requires manual approval.