How to join a translation team#

In order to help translate Open edX projects, you must first join a translation team for the language you wish to translate to. We use Transifex to allow our community to collaborate on translations. More detailed instructions for how to get involved in translations are located in the Quick Start: How to start translating for Open edX page.


To join a translation team you must complete these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Transifex account and read through their getting started guide. For help getting started with Transifex, please review their Translating with the Web Editor page, and get familiar with the roles and permissions as documented in Understanding User Roles. You will start off in the “Translator” role.

  2. Join the Transifex openedx-translations project with the language(s) you wish to translate to. Please be proficient in both English and the language you wish to translate to! If that language does not yet exist, you may follow the directions in How to request a new language for translation to add it.

  3. Join the Open edX Slack or Discuss. Links to join are available at the Open edX Community page. Translation help is available in the #translations-working-group Slack channel!