How To Enable Python Upgrade Automation#

This How-to will walk you through the process of getting the automated Python requirements upgrade jobs setup on a repository.


  • You know how to use Git and GitHub PR Workflows.

  • You have admin access to the repository.


  1. Replace <repo_name> with the name of your repository in the following URL and go to it:<repo_name>/actions/new?category=owner
  2. Click Configure on the Python Requirements Upgrade Workflow card.

    An image of the Python Requirements Upgrade Workflow Card in GitHub's UI.
  3. Review the contents of the GitHub action, make any changes that you might want to make. If you’re not sure, the defaults work fine for most use cases.

    • If you are applying changes to a newer repo, you may have main as your default branch instead of master. In which case you should update the workflow.

  4. Commit the changes to a branch and get the PR reviewed and merged.

    An image of the UI for making a branch for your changes.
  5. Next, add the edx-requirements-bot team to your repository with write permissions. It will be at the following url with <repo_name> replaced with your actual repository name.<repo_name>/settings/access
    What the edx-requirements-bot team looks like once you've added it.