How-to get your repository docs on

This how-to will help you publish the documentation for your Open edX Library or Service to under the domain.



  1. Add a .readthedocs.yml file in your repository that looks like the following.

    # .readthedocs.yml
    # Read the Docs configuration file
    # See for details
    # Required: the version of this file's schema.
    version: 2
    # Build documentation in the docs/ directory with Sphinx
      configuration: docs/
      fail_on_warning: true
    # Set the version of python needed to build these docs.
      os: "ubuntu-22.04"
        python: "3.8"
    # Optionally install extra requirements required to build your docs
      - requirements: requirements/doc.txt
  2. File an Axim Request to add your docs to

    Sample request text:

    I'd like to have the documentation for the <url_to_repo> repository published
    under  Please enable publishing the docs as well as running
    test builds on pull requests for this repository.
  3. Once the documentation is published you should update any READMEs and other links that need to point to this documentation. The new documentation will be published at a url like<repo_name>/

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