How to join a review team#

Once you have a little practice translating for Open edX, you can optionally request to become a reviewer for a language. Review teams are incredibly important because all strings must be both translated and reviewed before they are published.


  • You are confident in your selected target language.

  • You are confident in English


To join a review team, request permission from the project coordinator(s):

  1. On the Transifex edx-platform project page for your selected target language, click “Members”. A list of the current members of that translation team should appear.

  2. Select one of the language coordinators to open the Transifex profile page, where you can select “Send message” to send an email message asking for reviewer access. If you are willing to become a coordinator for a language, let us know in your message!


If the coordinator does not respond, try sending a message to another language coordinator. You can also send a message to one of the Open edX project maintainers. The project maintainers appear at the top of the main project page.

You can also obtain reviewer and coordinator access by contacting the Translation Working Group’s Organizer via ehuthmacher at axim dot org.