How to Enable a Waffle Flag for a User#

Follow these steps to enable a waffle flag for a single user. This may be useful in certain situations, such as internal testing or limited releases:

  1. Get the LMS User ID, via a database query or other methods if you have them.

  2. Login to the appropriate Django Admin Portal.

  3. Navigate to DJANGO-WAFFLE > Flags.

  4. Find and select the appropriate flag using the Open edX Feature Toggles Guide

  5. Set the Everyone dropdown to Unknown. This will cause the criterion specified on the page to be evaluated. Setting Everyone to True or False applies the flag globally.

  6. Add the LMS User ID from Step 1 to the Users textbox at the bottom of the page. To add multiple users, values should be comma-separated with no spaces.

  7. Click the appropriate Save button.

  8. Refresh the page and see that the entered LMS User ID(s) now correspond to their LMS Usernames.