How to request a new language for translation#


  • The language you are interested in is not listed on the Transifex openedx-translations Transifex project.

  • A variant of the language that may meet your needs is also not listed (Chinese vs Chinese-China).

  • Prefer a root locale over a variant locale (de over de_DE) whenever applicable so other locales can inherit from it e.g. de_AT.

  • If you request a new language, we ask that you commit to the success of your language’s translation project. Particularly, we expect you to:

    You will be responsible for advancing your target language to completion, with all strings translated and reviewed, so that we can publish your work to the Open edX community.


Languages can be removed from the project if they are not actively maintained.


  1. Go to the openedx-translations Transifex project

  2. Select the option Request language to start a new translation project for your target language.

  3. Wait for an edX translation team member to respond to your request within a few days.

  4. If the language that you request is approved, you become the coordinator of the project. You can add additional coordinators, reviewers, and translators as you wish.