Getting Started#

If you have developed a new feature, created an XBlock, or otherwise see that a topic is missing in this documentation, you can create one or more new pages in this document and submit a pull request to have the content added. Follow the guidelines below.

When you are ready to update documentation, see Quick Start: Add New Documentation Through GitHub.


Open edX documentation, along with source code, is managed in GitHub, in the Open edX Documentation GitHub repository.

Anyone can propose updates to the documentation, following a process known as the GitHub Flow.

The Open edX team will review the proposed changes, collaborate with the author, and merge the documentation when it is ready. You will then see it on the Open edX Documentation site.


Open edX documentation is written in RST. If you are not familiar with RST, we recommend going through Quick Reference: Writing RST.

We also provide Documentation Templates you can copy from as you create a new documentation.

We also recommend reviewing the RST Primer if you have questions.

Get Started#

When you have identified the audience(s) and content type(s) you need to address, we recommend that you follow the steps in Quick Start: Add New Documentation Through GitHub.

If you have questions as you go, we recommend asking the Open edX Documentation Slack channel.