Enabling the Bulk Email Feature#

This section describes a change to the process for enabling or disabling the bulk email feature. This change was released to the edx-platform repository on 24 May 2016. On that date, the bulk email feature was disabled on all Open edX installations. To re-enable the bulk email feature, you must follow the new procedure described in this section.

About This Change#

Prior to this change, you enabled or disabled the bulk email feature by making manual updates to several files, including the lms/envs/common.py Python file. The two relevant settings in the FEATURES section of this file were ENABLE_INSTRUCTOR_EMAIL and REQUIRE_COURSE_EMAIL_AUTH.


As of 21 May 2016, ENABLE_INSTRUCTOR_EMAIL: False is set for all Open edX sites that follow the edx-platform repository closely.

To simplify the process of changing the bulk email settings, a Bulk_Email option is now available in the Django administration console.

Changing the Bulk Email Setting#

To enable or disable the bulk email feature for an Open edX site, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to the Django administration console for your base URL. For example, http://{your_URL}/admin.

  2. In the Bulk_Email section, next to Bulk email flags, select Add.

  3. To enable the bulk email feature, select the Enabled check box.

    To disable the bulk email feature, clear the Enabled check box.

  4. If you previously set REQUIRE_COURSE_EMAIL_AUTH: True, select the Require course email auth check box.

  5. At the bottom of the page, select Save.