OEP-58 Overview#

What is OEP-58?#

OEP-58 is a project to streamline translations management throughout the Open edX project.

How translations are managed now#

Where translations currently live#

Translations currently live in 2 places.

  • In each repository in the form of .mo, .po, and .json files.

  • In the edx-platform transifex project.

How translations are written#

Translators edit translations in the edx-platform transifex project

How translations get into repositories from transifex#

Each repository has a jenkins job that:

  • Pulls updated translations from transifex via the deprecated v2 api

  • Commits the updated translations directly to the repo as edx-transifex-bot

How translations currently get deployed#

Translations are files in a repository that are built and deployed with the rest of the code.

How translations will be managed post OEP-58#

Where translations will live#

How translations will be written#

Translators will edit translations in the openedx-translations transifex project

How translations will get from transifex to the openedx-translations repository#

Translations will be committed to the openedx-translations repository via the supported Transifex Integration GitHub App

How translations will be deployed#

The build process for each repository will be updated to use openedx-atlas to pull translations from the openedx-translations repository.

What needs to happen for a repository to make the switch#

Additional reading#