2.7. Core Contributors to the Open edX Project#

What is a “Core Contributor”? The Open edX Core Contributor Program is a program that grants specific types of access to Open edX community members to enable them to further the development and adoption of the Open edX platform. Core Contributors earn their designation by active participation in the Open edX community - writing code, serving on working groups, contributing high-quality translations, and many other ways. In general, people wishing to be Core Contributors need to show sustained, active performance in the role prior to being nominated for consideration in the Program. We call this the “3 Cs”: Commitment, Conduct, Caliber. These people follow the Code of Conduct, are respectful of other community members, and are generally polite and welcoming.

Core Contributors that write code gain write access and even maintainership to one or more GitHub repositories in the openedx/ GitHub organization. If you’re interested in becoming a Core Contributor, the following resources may be helpful to you. You can also find us on the Open edX Slack in the #core-contributors Slack room.

2.7.1. Resources#