2.1. Process for Contributing Code#


Looking for fewer words? Check out the concise contributing guide.

The Open edX project is massive, and we would love you to help us build the best online education system in the world – we can’t do it alone! However, the core committers on the project are also developing features and creating pull requests, so we need to balance reviewing time with development time. To help manage our time and keep everyone as happy as possible, we’ve developed this document that explains what core committers and other contributors can expect from each other. The goals are:

  • Keep pull requests unblocked and flowing as much as possible, while respecting developer time and product owner prioritization.

  • Maintain a high standard for code quality, while avoiding hurt feelings as much as possible.

2.1.1. General Guidelines#

Please follow these guidelines when writing code. Please note that not all of these may be required for your feature; reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.